Message of Hope

Wagëblë released their third studio album, Message of Hope, in 2012. The album was produced by Tom Roger Rumblin, Wagëblë’s own Eyewitness and William NastyCut, and features internationally renowned artists, Cheik Lo, Meta Dia, Jabaman, Crosby and Haddy Ndie.



Wagëblë’s second and critically acclaimed album, Sénégal, was released in 2005 and won best album at Sénégal’s Annual Hip Hop Awards that same year. The album launched their international career and saw Wagëblë tour extensively in the U.S, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, France, The Gambia and Guinea.


Wagëb Rap New Generation

After contributing to six hip hop compilations, Wagëblë teamed up with Norwegian manager Fred Russel and producer Tom Roger for their debut album, Wagëb’ Rap New Generation in Sénégal in 2003. Its release was the culmination of Hip Hop Rally Oslo Dakar, a major festival organized by Hip Hop artists, promoters and label representatives from Norway, Sénégal, Kenya and the U.S. The album’s success firmly established Wagëblë’s powerful presence in the Senegalese hip hop scene.