“In a country where poverty is still widespread, [Wageble] are developing a unique brand of hip hop, sending a message of hope to the country’s younger generation.” - ABC News




"While Senegal itself has been relatively peaceful in recent years, the country, like many, is still riddled with poverty. Wagëblë don’t dodge this bullet, they bite it – their music openly embraces the realities of daily life refusing to gloss over the truths of life in the ghetto, while still offering a positive outlook with hope for improvement"   -  PopMatters.


"[Wageble's] primary focus has been to empower the youth of Africa towards building a better world for themselves. Delivering this messege of hope, Wageble continue to be the Voice of the Voiceless." - CaboVerde


"Wageble represent hip hop Galsen at its best: A voice and a presence, but also committed speech advocating respect for oneself and the quest for ultimate knowledge." - Seneweb