Giving Back

The Go Back Give Back Foundation was created by Wagëblë to help fight poverty by giving children in Senegal and Africa greater access to education.

Wagëblë passionately believe in the importance of continued education as a remedy for poverty. Their inspirational performances at schools and universities emphasize the importance of hard work, education and autonomy. Wagëblë believe that the key to economic and social stability in Senegal, and Africa at large, lies in the hands of future generations who must be equipped with the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the 21st Century. They encourage young people to build a better world for themselves at home, rather than dream of life in the West.

During their upcoming tour in Senegal, Wagëblë will hold several fundraising events for the foundation, as well as visiting educational institutions across the country.

20% of all profits from GEBCO products sold online will be donated to the foundation.