Our mission is to expand creative industries across Africa by sharing knowledge and skills with young people. 


Wagëblë believe that the key to economic and social stability in Senegal, and Africa at large, lies in the hands of future generations who must be equipped with the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of the 21st Century. They encourage young people to build a better world for themselves at home, rather than dream of life in the West. To this end, the Go Back Give Back Association was founded to help expand creative industries across Africa.

With a particular focus on music, art, design and digital communications and marketing, our goal is to give young Africans the tools they need to create and distribute creative products independently, and at a professional level. Working closely with local NGO's and non-profits we run extended workshops led by successful professionals from Europe and the United States. During workshops small groups of participants work closely with mentors to develop specialized skills, such as learning how to use beat making software, how to develop websites, how to market themselves internationally and how to organize, produce and promote a live concert.