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Wagëblë are one of Senegal’s best-known hip hop acts, and have won fans worldwide with their powerful performances and captivating lyricism. Fronted by Eyewitness and Waterflow, the group began their musical journey more than 20 years ago in the ghettos of Dakar. Their mission is, and always has been, to spread a message of hope, ignite social change and empower the youth of Senegal, and Africa.

Delving into their musical and cultural heritage, Wagëblë draw on the tradition of the griot - a Senegalese storyteller, oral historian and social critic. Their lyrics take aim at issues like social injustice, political corruption and conflict, while also celebrating love, family and life.

Wagëblë means“from the ghetto,” and is also an acronym for Wax Aduna Gëddu Ëttu Baatin Lemu Ëlëk – an expression of their philosophy to speak truth, spread knowledge and pave the way to a brighter and more positive future in the Motherland, and beyond.

Wagëblë’s music blends rap, poetry and spoken word with hip hop beats, traditional African instruments and themes that speak to the human condition, particularly in Africa.

Wagëblë’ have released three studio albums to date, and are currently working on their fourth.